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Depeche Mode - Puppets

Ooh that feeling, head is reeling
You think you`re in control
But you don`t know me, babe
I can move you, I can soothe you
I can take you places in a different way
And I don`t think you understand
What I`m trying to say
I`ll be your operator,baby
I`m in control

Watch your action, close reaction
And everything you`re thinking, babe,
Inside your head
Conversation, my creation
Nothing that you do, you do unless I said
And you don`t know the concequences
Of the things you say
I`ll be your operator, baby
I`m in control

And all the things you try to do, babe
And all the words we said before
Are only part of what I started, baby
And you can`t stop me anymore

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