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B.B.King - Beware, Brother, Beware

Hey, fellas, yes, you, fellas, listen to me, i got something to tell you
And i want you to listen to every word and govern yourselves accordingly

Now, you see these girls with these fine diamonds, fine furs and fine clothes
Well, theyre looking for a husband and youre listening to a man who knows
They aint foolin, and if you fool around with them
Youre gonna get yourself in a schoolin

Listen, if she saves you dough, and wont go to the show
If shes easy to kiss and wont resist

And if you go for a walk, and she listens while you talk
Shes tryin to hook you

And nobodys lookin and she asks you to taste her cookin
Dont do it, dont do it
And if you go to a show and she wants to sit in the back row
Bring her down front, bring her right down front

If you wanna go for a snack, and she wants to sit in the booth in the back

And listen, if shes used to caviar and fine silk
When you go out with her she wanna a hot dog and a malted milk
Shes trying to get you

If youre used to goin to carnegie hall, but when you take her out night clubing
All she wants is one meatball
You better take it easy

If she grabs your hand and says, darling, youre such a nice man
Beware, im telling you

(Should i tell them no more?)
(Tell them everything)

You better listen to me cause im telling you whats being put down
You better pick up on it

If her sister calls your brother, you better get further
Im telling you, you better watch it

And if shes acting kind of wild, and she says, darling, give me a trial
Dont you do it, dont be weak, dont give it to her
And if she smiles in your face and just melts into place
Let her melt, forget it, let her melt

(Should i tell them no more?)
(Tell them everything)

Now listen, if she calls you up on the phone, and says,
Darling, are you all alone?
Tell her, no, no, ive got two, three women with me

Dont pay no attention to women
Stand up for your right, be a man, be a man

(Are you listening?)
If you turn out the lights and she dont fight
Thats the end, its too late
Shes got you hooked, you might as well stick with her

(Should i tell them no more?)

If you get home about two and dont know what to do
You pull back the curtains, and the whole familys looking at you
Get your business straight
Set the date, dont be late

Brother, beware, beware, beware
Brother, you better beware

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